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Fondola Brown Sugar Paste Fondant 250gm

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Ready to Roll Fondant Icing - You will always be ready to roll with this handy rolled fondant. You will save time and money as you hit.

Easy to Use Rolled Fondant - Take pleasure in how malleable and pliable this fondant icing is. After being warmed to room temperature before rolling, it remains malleable and soft, allowing you plenty of time to get the outcomes you desire.

Glazing fondant with a variety of uses - This fondant can be rolled to the ideal thickness for complete coverage, thinned for finer details, or used to affix additional decorations. achieves a smooth finish

Fondola Ready to Roll Fondant can transform plain cakes into eye-catching works of beauty. Transform Cake Decorating with Bold Edible Fondant Icing. Select a strong hue or experiment with colour blending to create a distinctive shade.

Fondola Ready to Roll Fondant is the favourite fondant among professionals worldwide, including cake decorators and bakers. They value its unmatched consistency and quality for cake decoration.

Resealable Container with 1 Bags of 250gm

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